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Welcome to my new website - “Writehall”

 Writehall is a new platform allowing you to tap into my expertise and capabilities in editing writing and translating, earned from more than a decade as editor of the seminal German computer games magazine ‘ASM’ and then as a product manager with Konami Deutschland.

WRITEHALL is a new identity for me, Manfred Kleimann, and acts as a cover-all for me to take all my accumulated skills into new and innovative areas of activity.

I offer services in the following areas:

Foreign language translation, editing and proofreading. All of these can be individually tailored or used in combination according to the client’s wishes.


So maybe now you’re asking yourself: “Why should I use Manfred Kleimann’s services?”

In brief: Through my work as Chief Editor, I aim the language at the audience to whom we need to convey the message.

The knowledge acquired as a Product Manager assures me that your translation plays well with the target audience and thus is able to sell your product/project to the customer.

Not least is a good translation also a guarantee for a successful market presence, but it equally serves to gain customers and achieves the ultimate embodiment of your company, or marketing philosophy.



With WRITEHALL my aim above all is to offer quality translations. This applies particularly to my favourite topic; games-software manuals, in-game and on-screen texts as well as snappy marketing and descriptions on the game boxes that attract and advertise,  translating from English into German and vice versa, from German into English. I can additionally refer to first class expert native speakers, who have specialised in the most varied of subjects.

These subjects are:
Books, scripts, screen-plays
Hotel business
Eating Out
Computer Hardware
Games Software
Real estate business
General documents (commercial or private ones, CV’s, etc)

WRITEHALL wants to break new ground. With this in mind, our aim is to compile a type of “citypedia” handbook with your help. So what does that involve? Well, we’d like to collect your travel tips or disasters, news or anecdotes to publish as travel guides where appropriate. The cities in question are LONDON, PARIS and BERLIN.

Enjoy the site; I hope that it’s made you curious to find out more - it may be the first step in a successful working partnership in the future!







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